Dog in the Window, Bristol

Dog in a Window, Bristol 1998

I love photographing dogs. They don’t talk or ask about licensing. Although this one looks quite amenable, moments later it was a bit cross – so I didn’t linger.

Bristol is great to wander around, I believe I took this photo quite near the harbour.

Swimming in Beijing

Swimming, Beijing 2012

I’m thinking about Beijing.

When I lived there, I used to walk past this lake on my way to work. And so I saw it different seasons. In China, public spaces are usually well kept, particularly trees, which are carefully trimmed and tended to. I should add that it is in the Embassy District of Beijing, so most of the population see it on their way somewhere else.

In Beijing, there are four seasons, but they are unequal in length: Winter seems to last last from October to March; Spring lasts two weeks in April; Summer lasts from April until the end of September and Autumn lasts for the first two weeks of October. So it is generally either pretty warm or very cold. I think this was in Summer.