Another Tree in the Park, Kensington

Tree, Kensignton Gardens, 2017

Whilst today, it is bucketing down with rain outside, I generally love Autumn.

I remember a while ago listening to James Ravilious talking about the “challenge” of green in the landscape. My solution, is to wait until Autumn, when it isn’t green anymore. A challenge I found particularly back in the film days, was that different films rendered green in vastly different ways. Obviously when working digitally, colours can be adjusted.

Anyway, I saw this one Saturday as I walked into the park from Kensigton High Street – the colours seemed make it stand out from its surroundings.

Published by James

Middle-aged white bloke. Wanders around with a camera (sometimes just his phone) taking pictures. Some he likes, most he doesn’t. Likes animals. Likes the seaside, not so sure he likes the sea.

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