Breaking the Ice, Finland

Tammisaari, Finland 2004

I went to Tammisaari in early winter. As the plane descended to land at Vanta, I heard the stewardess say,”Oh no, it’s snowing- again!”. And she was right.

A nice thing about Finland, is that most things still work in the snow – if you are from the U.K., you know what I am thinking here.

One of the things I like about snow, is how quiet it makes things. With this picture, I was hoping it captured the stillness of the scene. Silence.

But perhaps not quite silence, because on other occasions, I saw brave Finns jumping/gingerly lowering themselves into the water (where the ice has been broken). I know someone will say it is really “refreshing” – but not for me!

5 thoughts on “Breaking the Ice, Finland

  1. Hello.

    It is quite rare that, when in winter, you did not visit the north, I mean Lapland. There snow and ice. Walking on a frozen sea or lake is always experience. Gorgeous snow and ice carvings can be seen in many towns. Reindeers rides or even best reindeer contest could be possible. Anyway, I am glad that you visited Finland. Thank you.

    Happy and safe travels.

  2. You often don’t hear of someone visiting Tammisaari in winter! It’s quite the summer town. Saying that, I’m sure it has it’s own charm even in winter. I don’t mind going in the cold water, if I have a sauna to warm me up. But all the “winter swimming” places near my home only have a heated changing room. Not enough for me!

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