Broken Window, Lafayette, AL

LaFayette, Alabama 2002

Do you ever look back on your youth and wonder how you ended up doing what you did?

There was a time, when I went on a series of road trips around the southern United States. On this particular trip I wandered through Alabama and Mississippi.

I think I may have been heading to Tupelo, Mississippi at the time, but on my way, I passed through Lafayette, Alabama.

This old cinema was next to the town square. Although I didn’t know it at the time, it had been used as a set for the film “Mississippi Burning”. When I passed by, it was locked up and as you can see awaiting reuse.

Technical Details. I was using my Rolleiflex and some Kodak Verichrome Pan. It sounds like it should be a colour slide film – but it was a b/w negative film. Where did I get it from? Probably a store in Atlanta (Camera Bug?).