Flag, Charleston, USA

Charleston, SC 2000

I have the feeling, this could become one of those “When I was young…” posts! I took this picture almost 20 years ago, when I used to live in the US.

In the Summer, on a Friday afternoon, I would race home from work, to find a friend already waiting outside, engine running ready to drive to Charleston- or sometimes Wilmington for the weekend. And off we would go… a long drive, I think quite often we would pause in Augusta for coffee and doughnuts. A really long drive, with nothing but the radio (we all had rubbish cars back then), but it was what we did.

Technical Details. I took with with a very worn Olympus OM2n and a 50mm f1.8 lens on Kodachrome 64. I really like the colours in this picture and the contrast between the red and white with the blue sky (didn’t Paul Simon sing about Kodachrome blue skies?).

Published by James

Middle-aged white bloke. Wanders around with a camera (sometimes just his phone) taking pictures. Some he likes, most he doesn’t. Likes animals. Likes the seaside, not so sure he likes the sea.

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