Outside a Cafe, Ho Chi Minh City

Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City 2009

Vietnam is an extraordinary place, full of vibrant colour and drama. I used to love just wandering around and seeing what was going on. They have a strong craft tradition, with many things which we might buy off the peg, being made individually there.

I’m trying to remember where this place is – I think it is close to the centre of Ho Chi Minh City. It is another place I found by walking by. As you can see in the photo, the pavement is often a place for leaving a scooter or for peddlers to sell things, not so much a palce for walking.

One of the things I miss, being away for South East Asia, is the abundance of coconuts being sold on the street.

2 thoughts on “Outside a Cafe, Ho Chi Minh City

  1. I have never been to Vietnam but would love to go. Finnair even has a direct flight! There’s so much history there to discover and I bet the food is fantastic.

    • You should go! And if Finnair have a direct flight (rather severe interiors), even better. It is a special place, where I love to wander around. In the evenings, when it rains, it even feels a little romantic. And there are coconuts, which I think you like, but Thai ones are sweeter.

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