About Me

I’m a middle-aged white man.

I’m originally from the UK, but for about 10 years seemed to be slowly working my way around the world.

I presently live and work in West Sussex, UK

I like taking pictures with my camera ( I have a few –  I might write about some of them).

Generally I work in colour.

Influences: HCB (isn’t everyone?), James Ravilious (really like his work), Sam Abell, Bill Owens and Jeanloup Sieff. I suppose, I am more of a documentarian than wannabe artist.

Things I Like:

Kodachrome colours – but not to scan

My Rolleiflex



Contact prints

A good book on tape (CD/Audible format – but I’m not writing “audiobook” – it doesn’t feel right)

late night radio

Snow – or at least the silence it makes

A cooked breakfast

Things I Don’t Like:

Being told what I should like

R&B (sorry)

Denim mini-skirts

Oversized sunglasses


Beige socks