Two Couples, Penang

Two Couples, Penang 2015

This picture shows a famous piece of street art in Georgetown (on Armenian Street if you are curious) called “Little Children on a Bicycle” – and it is a really popular place to have you picture taken, with long queues of tourists waiting for their turn to pose with the bicycle. In this case with couples having their bridal photos taken too.

I like the picture, but it is really two photos trying to fit together and doesn’t totally work. I like the contrast of the immaculate wedding group with the rusty corrigated iron. And I like the new couple with the older couple. If the older man had moved by the bicycle seat would it work better? Yes – but he didn’t.

Any, a fun place top people watch in you are in Georgetown.

Walking Home in Beijing

Walking Home in Beijing
Walking in Road, Beijing January 2012

I used to live in Beijing. One of the things I liked about it, was how much life there was on the street, I’m pretty sure you could spend a lifetime walking and taking pictures and never take the same picture twice. In the summer the streets are busy, late into the night, in the winter (which is very cold) they clear quite quickly and you can see more of what is going on around you. Although there are street lights, it looks like a black night. When I took the picture, I was wondering why they had decided to walk in the road, rather than the pavement.