Tyrannosaurus Rex, Shanghai

The Shanghai Natural History Museum, is probably my favourite public building in Shanghai. It has an atrium, which brings a little natural light into what would otherwise be a rather large, dark museum. Visitors start their visit at the top of the building, learning about the origin of the universe and slowly work their wayContinue reading “Tyrannosaurus Rex, Shanghai”

Dolphins, Kyoto

I don’t really like the idea of keeping animals (especially large mammals) in captivity, but always seem to visit every zoo and aquarium I have the opportunity to see. Kyoto aquarium is very smart and clean, with as you can see, a dolphin stadium. Several times a day, they have dolphin shows with a mixtureContinue reading “Dolphins, Kyoto”

Sunset, London

At last, a recent picture! I took this yesterday. I like sunset, particularly in Northern Europe where it can last a while (unlike in the tropics, where the Sun disappears with the haste of a light switch). On this occasion, I was standing by the Serpentine, looking towards Kensington Gardens, when I saw the lightContinue reading “Sunset, London”