Carrying Glass, Shanghai

Carrying Glass, Jing’An, Shangahi – July 2019

One of the things I like about taking photos on the street, is showing people going about everyday life. Shanghai has a particularly vibrant street life, where you only have to stand still for a few moments before something unexpected happens.

Carrying Glass, Jing’An, Shangahi July 2019

As I remember it, I was visiting during a really hot spell, in the middle of the summer. As usual, I spent most of my time just wandering around the city, ducking into shopping malls whenever I felt I needed to cool down. On this occasion, I was in Jing’An, near the park, when these workmen walked past me, carrying their sheet of glass.

Found on the River Bed, Chiswick

Bottle, River Thames, 2003

There is an “impossible” school of photography, who always want to tell you how complicated or difficult it was to take a particular photograph. While it can be interesting, it is irrelevant, ‘cos photography is about pictures. 

The River Thames is tidal for much of its length, which means that at low tide, large stretches of bank are exposed, sometimes showing interesting details. At the time, I lived in Chiswick, so it was quite easy to find a time to wander out on to the river bed. The only snag being, that you had to keep an eye for when the tide turned, ‘cos then you could find yourself wading or possibly even swimming out of it (hard with a camera bag).