View from the Bar

Half a lifetime ago, I was a barman and Alex was one of my regular customers. I think he chose to hold the soda siphon because I had occasionally been known to give him a squirt from time to time. I quite like this as a ‘character’ portrait. Because I was using 120 roll filmContinue reading “View from the Bar”

Dog in the Window, Bristol

I love photographing dogs. They don’t talk or ask about licensing. Although this one looks quite amenable, moments later it was a bit cross – so I didn’t linger. Bristol is great to wander around, I believe I took this photo quite near the harbour.

Found on the River Bed, Chiswick

There is an “impossible” school of photography, who always want to tell you how complicated or difficult it was to take a particular photograph. While it can be interesting, it is irrelevant, ‘cos photography is about pictures.  The River Thames is tidal for much of its length, which means that at low tide, large stretchesContinue reading “Found on the River Bed, Chiswick”