Cat’s Eyes, Bath

Cat, Bath – October 2016

I used to see this cat almost every day on my way to work. I used to walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal into Bath (where I worked) – and this cat lived on one of the houseboats. I believe the same owner had a beautiful dog too.

Cat’s Eye, Bath – October 2016

I’m not one to pester cats I don’t know – but one day, she slowly trotted off the boat and came to say “Hello”. I think she has beautiful eyes.

Runners, Bath

Kennet and Avon Canal, Bath 2016

The Kennet and Avon Canal runs between Bristol and Reading and while once it was used for commercial transport, is largely used for recreation these days.

There was a time when I used to walk along this towpath every day. It is popular with runners and cyclists as an alternative to the A4, which really isn’t very pretty at all. There is always something to see, in any season. Once I saw a kingfisher. On more occasions than I would like, I have been drenched.

Because it is a canal, you can see that it is higher than many of the landmarks you can see in the distance.