Outside a Cafe, Ho Chi Minh City

Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City 2009 Vietnam is an extraordinary place, full of vibrant colour and drama. I used to love just wandering around and seeing what was going on. They have a strong craft tradition, with many things which we might buy off the peg, being made individually there. I’m trying to remember whereContinue reading “Outside a Cafe, Ho Chi Minh City”

Through the Wall, Vietnam

What were the chances? I was on a school trip and the hotel we checked into was – opposite a school! I think it is a very south-east Asia picture, where street traders are more commonplace than the In the UK. Would a tighter picture with just the trader and the child leaning through theContinue reading “Through the Wall, Vietnam”

Street Trader, Georgetown

I used to live in Penang. Street traders are a feature of life there, selling sweets and snacks from the back of a motorcycle. I am told the Roti Man delicacy is an ice-cream sandwich. I wish I had tried it. Technical Details Canon EOS 650D and 24mm STM lens. A really good combination forContinue reading “Street Trader, Georgetown”