On the Beach, Newquay

On the Beach, Newquay 1992

I photograph on the beach – a lot. Judging by the number of people trying to shift “water-damaged” cameras on eBay, I’m not alone.

Beaches are always changing. If you want to photograph wildlife, go early in the morning. If you go in the late afternoon, you will probably see a different kind of “wildlife’.

I think this was my first real summer holiday on my own. I just loaded up my car and got to know all my tapes really well. I think this was an early morning walk. I’m not quite sure why the JCB is carving the sand, but those people don’t seem to want to move.

This is a scan of some 35mm FP4+. I was still finding my way with developing and promoting. The clouds look good, but I needed a bit more in the shadows.

What else do I remember? Trying my hand at surfing. That feeling when you catch a wave. Scrambled eggs for breakfast. The long drive home.